Dagen McDowell, a Fox Business host joined the Fox News’ “The Five” on Friday to discuss the news that Biden had left the White House for Camp David via his home in Delaware, despite the Taliban moving on the capital city of Kabul in a matter of days.

Co-host Lawrence Jones began the conversation pointing out the fact that the original mission in Afghanistan had been to root out terrorists after the 9-11 attacks on American soil, but that over time, the mission has shifted dramatically to nation-building.

At that point McDowell said, “it was how fast the pullout happened. So many people want our troops out of Afghanistan, but they cut and run. Like how fast we pulled out in the middle of the night with no notice, and that U.S. troops and contractors, along with air support had basically pulled out without any warning.”

“So, it has been an utter disaster in terms of the speed with which we pulled out and didn’t think about the women and the teachers and the children who would be raped and enslaved or murdered. So far that is the bigger problem,” she added, pivoting then to talk about Biden specifically.

“He was elected because the adults are supposed to be in charge. Now the adults are in hiding. Where is the guy? I know that it must be exhausting setting America back 45 years in seven months, that he needs to get a nap,”

Mcdowell continued. “What America needs right now is somebody to step up with a coherent speech to speak to the American people about the direction of the nation overseas and here at home.”

Co-host Greg Gutfeld joked, “We should send Kamala to Afghanistan. She was great at the border.”
McDowell responded, “Where is she? My point is that by the time he gets up to speak to the American people, it seems like he has eaten a few mitt-fulls of Benadryl. And people are not confident of what he’s doing.”

McDowell concluded by smashing the media adding, “The media is on a permanent vacation with this guy. You have consumer confidence today fell to the lowest level in ten years. Real wages, inflation-adjusted wages this year have fallen every month since Biden took office.”

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Thanks Hotshot! Alot!
Thanks Hotshot! Alot!
1 year ago

Too little too late. For those of you who didn’t see any of this coming…..leave the podium now.