The FBI, on Tuesday, conducted a search of the union headquarters of a New York City police union, the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA), in lower Manhattan, after getting a search warrant.​

This is the police union headed by the police sergeant who previously leaked the arrest records of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter. An FBI spokesperson confirmed to multiple news outlets that the agents were “at the SBA office conducting activity connected to a law enforcement investigation.”

The bureau was also doing a search at a home in the Long Island suburb of Port Washington, New York, that belongs to Ed Mullins, the SBA’s outspoken leader, according to the FBI spokesperson.
It was not immediately clear why the FBI targeted the SBA, which represents 13,000 active and retired sergeants of the New York City Police Department and is the fifth-largest police union in the country.

It may become clearer, as Mullins, the leaking sergeant, as well as the union president, is currently in hot water with the New York Police Department for releasing the records of Chiara de Blasio, the aforementioned daughter of the Mayor, after she was arrested during the George Floyd protest in June 2020.

Mullins has been an outspoken critic of de Blasio, saying the mayor has failed to support law enforcement officers in the city. Animosity between Mullins and the city government has steadily got worse throughout the past year. The union leader’s twitter posts have included calling a city councilman a “first class whore,” calling a former healthcommissioner a “bitch,” and in response to the officer-involved shooting death of Michael Brown and subsequent protests said, “Ferguson, Missouri was a lie and a nation of police have been under attack ever since.”

In an unrelated news conference, Mayor de Blasio said he was aware of the FBI raid but provided no details. “I think he’s been a divisive voice, but that doesn’t cause me to feel anything in this situation because I don’t know what’s happening. All I hear is an FBI raid. I don’t know the specifics. I don’t know who it’s directed at. I want to really hear the details before I comment further.”

Mullins has run the union since 2002, but could not be immediately reached for comment. Mullins also remains a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump.

The SBA’s bylaws require Mullins to continue working as an NYPD sergeant, but records show he is not currently assigned a specific post, even though he was paid $133,195 by the city in 2020. His full-time job was running the SBA, which pays him an additional salary, which was $88,757 in 2019, and was also listed as a trustee according to the SBA’s most recent paperwork.

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