This is a follow-up story on an article we posted on October 2, when NBC reporter Kelli Stavast was doing a post-race interview with NASCAR Xfinity Series winner Brandon Brown.

About the time she started the interview, the NASCAR crowd started chanting “F**k Joe Biden,” the chant that had begun in college football stadiums a few weeks prior.

In an apparent move to try to disguise the Biden chant, she suggested to Brandon Brown that the crowd was chanting and cheering him on, saying “Let’s Go Brandon!” And the chant didn’t stop during the complete interview.

The chant, as stated earlier, started in college football stadiums across the country when football season started, then became the new Trump MAGA chant, and eventually spread to the NFL as well NASCAR. And now, you never know what event the chant will erupt at.

The fact is, at sporting events across our country, Americans have really been into chanting “F**k Joe Biden.” An announcer at a NASCAR rally said they were really saying “Let’s Go Brand,” so not that’s the polite version.

The Daily caller’s David Hookstead asked Donald Trump Jr. several weeks ago, if he thought the “F**k Joe Biden” chants would continue, and he said they weren’t likely to slow down anytime soon.

Biden critics are plastering the phrase on T-shirts, billboards, and other paraphernalia, and using the hashtag #LetsGoBrandon.

If the enthusiasm for those chants is any indication, it’s a safe bet that Brandon isn’t going away anytime soon, either.

So now, in case you didn’t, you know who Brandon is and why everyone in American is cheering for him!!

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