Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin referred to rising inflation as a “readiness issue” at a press ​conference on Wednesday, where he announced a new program to assist military families to cope with the surging prices. The program will include programs for house allowances and food security assistance.

Austin said during his press conference, “Pentagon officials warned that the surge in prices has caused issues for U.S. troops and their families. This is a readiness issue, and that’s why I am focused on making sure that our service members and our families have what they need to thrive.”

Austin also said, “Men and women in uniform and their families have enough to worry about. Basic necessities, like food and housing, shouldn’t be among them.”

“The housing allowances and other programs won’t solve all the economic worries that our military families face, but they are important steps and we’re committed to getting this right,” Austin continued.

“The Pentagon will increase the allowance for homes in areas that experienced a 10% jump in rental costs during the last year, and reimbursements for lodging expenses for military families will also be extended to allow more time to search for a home in places where housing shortages exist, Austin added.

“It is unclear how much money will be directed to the new programs and where the funding will come from,” Austin stated. 

With the Consumer Price Index surging to a 30 year high, growing 0.9% in October and reaching a year-over-year level of 6.2%, prices have surged throughout the country.

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