On Monday in a press conference, corrupt New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spun a web of lies and misinformation about his administration’s cover-up of nursing home deaths due to COVID-19.  He was blaming everyone from former President Trump to nursing home staff and he refused to take responsibility as he openly lied about his administration’s actions.  Despite how blatant and easily disprovable his claims were, ABC and CBS refused to give him the “Trump Treatment” and fact-check anything he said.

Instead, reporters like Carter Evans, Los Angeles based correspondent on CBS Evening News, who worked to prop up Cuomo’s false claims.  “New York Governor Cuomo defended himself against charges that the state underreported the death toll from nursing homes early in the pandemic, but then tried to cover it up.” Evans reported.

He followed that up with his soundbite of the Governor: “I want everyone to know, everything was done. Everything was done by the best minds in the best interest.”

What Evans claimed were mere “charges” of a cover-up were, in fact, admitted to by one of Cuomo’s aides.  He refused to mention that Secretary Melissa DeRosa was caught on audio admitting to state Democratic lawmakers they tried to cover-up the numbers to hide them from federal investigators.

Over on ABC’s World News Tonight, Good Morning America co-anchor, Eva Pilgrim parroted Cuomo’s suggestion that the numbers were only delayed.  

“It comes as New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo is addressing his handling of the numbers of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes, after his office conceded that it delayed turning them over to state lawmakers,” she lied to her viewers.

She also used soundbites to push Cuomo’s false claims of “disinformation” being propagated about his administration.

What misinformation?  The thing his aide admitted they did?  At least Anna Thompson reported that much on NBC Nightly News.  Though in a rather weak way.  “Last week revelations that one of the Governor’s top aides told Democratic state lawmakers nursing home data was delayed.  Saying ‘we froze’ fearing the numbers would be used against us by the Trump administration,” Thompson said.

Unfortunately, Thompson didn’t push back on Como’s assertion that his administration informed state lawmakers their demand for numbers was being put on the back burner as they dealt with the Department of Justice.

It was an outlandish claim that was easily disproven by how even Democratic lawmakers were describing the Governor’s actions as criminal.  And on Fox News Channel’s Special Report, correspondent Bryan Llenas reported that Democratic state lawmaker Ron Kim was calling Cuomo out for lying during the press conference.  Llena reported, “DeRosa told them the reason the administration withheld the data was for political reasons.”

“That’s not what we heard.  That’s not what she said.  She even prefaced the whole thing by saying, ‘I’m going to tell you the truth.  This is a whole truth,’ “Kim said in a soundbite.  “He’s lying right now in today’s press conference about sending notices to the Assembly and Senate that we knew the Department of Justice investigation.  We were not informed.”

The networks also didn’t fact-check Cuomo’s ridiculous claim that COVID was only brought into nursing homes via facility staff and maintenance workers.  Thanks to the Associated Press we know 9,000 COVID patients were sent back to their long-term care facilities, killing nearly 15,000.

This naked attempt to help a corrupt Democratic governor weather the storm was made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from Pacific Life on ABC and Liberty Mutual on CBS.  

​We appreciate our friends at Newsbusters.org. who originally published article.

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Globalist Juice
Globalist Juice
1 year ago

The media is the enemy, not our politicians – there will always be no so desirable political faces. But, with a honest media, we have the power to hold the people we elect accountable, and without the power of the media in the hands of The People, we have tyranny.