Although President Trump has been out of office for almost two months, two of his most zealous haters in Hollywood are still blaming him for problems happening today.  These two deranged actors are Rob Reiner and George Takei.

Both actors made comments blaming former President Trump for the recent and very tragic murder of eight people at three separate Atlanta, Georgia spas that happened on March 16. 

Despite the fact that the lead suspect in the case, 21-year-old Robert Aaron denied any racial motive in the killings.  Instead, the suspect blamed it instead on his sexual addiction and thought he could eliminate his sexual temptations.

Celebrities like Reiner and Takei are doing what they do best and that is blaming the killings on the rhetoric of our former President, whom they refer to as our former Racist-in Chief.  

On the day of the shooting, Reiner jumped at the opportunity to declare his sworn enemy Donald Trump guilty of inspiring the killer to commit the murders.  Reiner, The Princess Bride director actually tweeted, “I’m sorry, but the deaths of over half a million Americans, the deadly seditious insurrection, the murders of Asian-Americans all lay at the feet of Donald J. Trump.”  

Of course, we assume that Reiner’s demented logic here is that Trump was constantly reminding Americans that the virus came from China.  As most of us know, it did come from the neglectful Chinese government who failed to secure their research lab and also failed to disclose knowledge of the outbreak for several weeks.    

Japanese American actor George Takei abandoned discretion as well in his desire to heap the hate on Trump.  Somehow, he established that the shooting was without a doubt a racist killing, even if it wasn’t. The Star Trek star also tweeted, “Whether the killer went in with intent to kill Asian women or he just happened to go to three different Asian establishments, miles apart, with intent to kill those inside doesn’t change the racial nature of these murders.” Yeah, it was racist whether the killer knew it or not. 

It seems that Reiner and Takei are trying to muddy the waters surrounding what happened in Georgia for their own political gain. It appears they may be the ones standing in the way of proper justice for the people who died.

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