A Chicago schoolteacher battling cancer showed up to his empty classroom on Wednesday, and condemned a teachers union strike against in-person learning and described it as an attempt to undermine authority and gain political power.

Joseph Ocol told CBS Chicago he believes he was the only teacher at his school when he showed up to plan and organize while the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools duke it out over in-person learning.​

The struggle between the two led classes, both online and in-person, to be canceled on Wednesday and Thursday for almost all of the district’s 330,000 students.

Ocol said he made a commitment to his students and believes his role as a teacher is to be with them in the classroom, even as he fights cancer, the math teacher and chess coach at Ella Flagg Young Elementary School in Chicago told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

He told Fox News he wasn’t aware of any of his students or any of the teachers testing positive for the coronavirus at his school. He also said he has nothing against the ​teacher’s union but has “something against people using the union as a tool for political gain.”

He also said he doesn’t think remote learning is effective and believes that the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is just trying to undermine authority and dictate school actions to gain political power.

“Of course, I agree that there has to be safety measures, but it should be done in a sweeping way, because there are schools that don’t have COVID,” Ocol told CBS Chicago. “I miss my students. It’s just that this is a different situation, and I feel sad about this.”

Ocol also said, “Despite my battling cancer, I still have a role to play right now. I just want to make my life relevant somehow, the thought that I can still be of service to my students and I can touch their lives and make a difference in their lives.” 

The CTU voted Tuesday, where nearly 90% of CTU’s elected House of Delegates voted in favor of a resolution to return to remote education effective January 5, amid a surge of COVID-19 cases and the rise of the Omicron variant, city a lack of safety guarantees, the union press release said.  Seventy-three percent of CTU members voted in favor of virtual learning, passing the two-thirds threshold required to enact the resolution.

The resolution outlines plans to work remotely until January 18 or until the COVID-19 case wave falls below last year’s threshold for school closures, according to the resolution.

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