People Isolated due to the coronavirus are facing staying at home with rising anxiety and stress.  What to do?  How about having cannabis delivered to your home so you don’t have to get out?  Californians are buying more cannabis products, especially for home delivery.

The state, which legalized recreational cannabis in 2016, has imposed a stay-at-home order to prevent the virus’ spread, and many people fear going out because of the infection risk.

As a result, cannabis sales for delivery are booming. “It is a lot of trying to quell the anxieties, stress, stuff like that, helping (them to) sleep at night,” said a 27-year-old delivery driver for The Pottery, a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles.  

“People just don’t really have too much to do so from a recreational standpoint, (marijuana) can kind of make the day go by a bit quicker and a bit more interesting,” he added.

Kyle Kazan, chief executive of The Glass House Group, which owns four dispensaries in Southern California, said delivery orders have more than doubled.  “More and more people, because they are trying to stay home and social distance as opposed to coming to the store so they’ve just decided to order from home,” he said. 

For additional information visit our friends at Reuters.

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