California Democrats are so concerned the campaign to oust Governor Gavin Newsom may work that they’re going straight to the political tricknology playbook we saw in the November election and scheming to defeat the recall by nearly any means necessary. The Sacramento Bee reports there are several ways they’re considering putting a monkey wrench into the works.

The recall movement has amassed 1.7 million signatures and is on track to turn in as many as two million signatures on deadline day, March 10th.

State Sen. Steve Glazer (D-Orinda) said, “Every credible leader should be speaking out loudly and forcefully, now.  Glazer is a former senior adviser to Democrat Governor Jerry Brown.  He added in an interview, “The message must be about why even unhappy Californians should not sign these poisonous petitions.  Our collective action should be all about reducing signatures that would create this political chaos.”

The former GOP head in California, Del Beccaro, a recall supporter said, “good luck with that whole poisonous petition sales job as 30% of the recall supporters are Democrats.” 

“The Democrats have gone from laughing at the recall to trying to kill it.  They went from saying it’ll never happen, to it’s a long shot, to attempting to smear us and then to saying it might happen, but Gavin will never be thrown out, and now they’re trying to change the rules to keep us from throwing Gavin out,” he told PJ Media.

To give you an idea of some of the things they are trying to do by changing rules, according to The Bee,  like changing the date of recall to the next regularly scheduled primary election, where Democrats are more likely to vote, instead of November of 2021.  They are also considering sending absentee ballots to every voter whether they have asked for one or not to swamp the system.  Sound familiar?

Their strategy is to reduce signatures anyway they can, like attempting to convince people who have signed the petition to remove their names in a 30-day period after they have turned in their signatures, allowing them to throw out many as possible before the ballot can be qualified.

Using COVID shut downs and lock downs as a scare tactic, to keep people from voting.  And they continue to try to convince Californians it is a waste of money for a recall on the governor.

Newsom’s moves have affected every aspect of California family life.  His Communistic-like rolling blackouts have not been popular.  Many kids can’t go to school because his very job is dependent on the teacher’s union.  Even if parents can work from home, they can’t go out to eat inside a restaurant.

They can’t go to the gym, and for a period of time, even state parks and beaches were closed or only open to a mask-wearing public.  Wearing masks on the beach or on a trail is ridiculous.  What science dictates this?

If the recall succeeds, Democrats say they would never put themselves on the ballot to replace Newsom.  That is very hard to believe.  According to reports, many Republicans are forming a line, with San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, a former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, first, as he has already officially entered the race, whenever that next election happens.

If Californians vote to get rid of the Leftist Gavin Newsom, in a liberal state like California, Democrats all over the country are in trouble.

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Vic Anderson
Vic Anderson
1 year ago

WTF, Nov., do it now ; DEM’ll still :comment image