A California attorney and law firm assigned by a California superior court to represent Britney Spears in an ongoing conservatorship filed paperwork on Tuesday to resign from their appointments.  

The resignations are included in a perfunctory form application for new counsel to be appointed to represent the singer’s interests, and were filed by the applicant, attorney Samuel D. Ingham III, who filed a tersely worded exhibit memorializing his decision to step down. 

In the filing, Ingham stated that his resignation would be effective upon the designation of new court-appointed counsel for Spears. All of the associated documents are dated July 6, 2021.
Ingham was first appointed by the Los Angeles County Superior Court to represent the singer in her conservatorship when it began in 2008.

As a matter of legal ethics, attorneys are generally required to resign when they are “discharged” by their clients.  It is unclear from the document if that has occurred in this case.  Lawyers are generally allowed (but are not required) to resign in other situations, including for, “other good cause,” and if the “withdrawal can be accomplished without material adverse effect on the interest of the client.”

At a court hearing last month, Spears gave dramatic testimony about how she has felt living under the arrangement,calling it “abusive and asking Judge Brenda Penny to allow her to retain her own counsel and calling on the court to bring the conservatorship to an end.

It was also reported by multiple sources Tuesday that Spears’ manager of 25 years, Larry Rudolph, also submitted a letter of resignation, citing the singer’s desire to retire.

The next court hearing for the conservatorship is scheduled for July 14.

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