Joe Biden’s administration came out on Monday with a series of new emissions regulations that will be enforced beginning with 2023, for passenger vehicles and light trucks​.

With the enforcement beginning with 2023 models, even more stringent standards will be required in 2027, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced. The EPA said the new emissions standards would ultimately quicken the transition from traditional engine vehicles to zero-emission cars.

This is the latest move in the Biden administration’s crusade against climate change which aims to lean heavily on pushing American to buy electric vehicles. President Joe Biden has outlined a plan to ensure 50% of new car sales are electric by 2030 and that every addition to the federal governments’ vehicles fleet is electric by 2035.

Of course, Biden is trying win the approval of the American people saying these new regulations will “unlock” $190 billion in benefits for American consumers.  Doesn’t he realize he is helping the wealthy, that he says he is taxing?

Most all of everyday working Americans can’t afford to go with an Electric Vehicle (EV). The price is unaffordable for most, the charging stations are not in place, which affects any rural commuting working Americans, and the U.S. electrical Grid likely won’t tolerate the demand Biden’s plan would require, even if his goals to EV’s was obtained.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan said, “This day is truly Historic,” during an event on Monday.​ “At EPA, our priority is to protect public health, especially in overburdened communities, while responding to the President’s ambitious climate agenda. “Today we take a giant step forward in delivering on those goals, while paving the way toward an all-electric, zero-emissions transportation future,” Regan added.

The standards are the “most ambitious” rules of their kind ever put into place, the EPA said. They are projected to cut car emissions by 3 billion tons over the next three decades, the equivalent of half the carbon dioxide emitted in the United States per year. This rule would also lead to 15% less gasoline consumption nationwide, according to the EPA.

“Today’s actions is a tremendous step in the right direction in our fight against the climate crisis,” House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Frank Pallone said in a statement. “Paired with the investments in the bipartisan infrastructure law, this action will accelerate the process of transforming our transportation sector to the benefit of public health and the environment.”

Pallone added, “I applaud the Biden EPA for meaningfully addressing the climate crisis once again, and I look forward to continuing to work with the administration to swiftly and ambitiously tackle climate pollution from the rest of the transportation sector.”

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7 months ago

The first completely brainless administration.

7 months ago

Since when does the man that can’t complete a sentence get to establish emission rules?! I doubt he knows what emissions are!