Cornelis Piet “Pete” Hoekstra, is a Dutch-American politician, and former member of Congress from Michigan’s 2nd congressional district from 1993 to 2011, where he was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and most recently, from January 10, 2018 to January 17, 2021, served as U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands under the administration of President Trump, says President Joe Biden is “effectively siding with the jihadis.”

“We see it now most clearly in Afghanistan, like Obama, Biden is effectively siding with the jihadists. The results are predictable the same, disaster. We may never know if Biden made some sort of implicit deal with the Taliban,” Pete Hoekstra explained in a commentary at the Gatestone Institute.  

Continuing, Hoekstra said, “Personally, I believe that the administration had at least an understanding with the Taliban. Biden probably thought he could limit the damage, but was then double-crossed by his jihadist negotiating partners. The people of Afghanistan, as we are seeing, will suffer significantly. The U.S. will be at greater risk from reinvigorated radical jihadist movements, not only the Taliban itself but also al-Qaida and ISIS, who might well now have a new home base in a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.”

Hoekstra explained that history is important because of the lessons it can reveal. “I don’t know if Biden cares about history, but he certainly doesn’t understand it. The pattern is becoming more pronounced every day, instead of learning from the mistakes of the Obama administration, many of them, by the way, his own mistakes as Obama’s vice-president, Biden is following in Obama’s ill-fated footsteps. In fact, Biden’s foreign policy is so unoriginal that you could almost describe the ‘Biden Doctrine,’ as more and more left-wing pundits are calling it, ‘Obama on steroids,'” Hoekstra stated.

In Afghanistan, Biden’s abrupt pullout of American troops left the terror Taliban organization controlling the country and thousands of lives in danger. Hoekstra said, “To avoid further catastrophe, Biden must refuse to work with radical Islamists unless there is a case of absolute and immediate necessity.”

“Then he must engage, personally, with allies. This must be done by the president himself, not just by the Secretary of State or the Vice-President. Our allies’ confidence in America, and specifically this President, has been shaken severely,” according the Hoekstra.

Hoekstra added, “And Biden must send powerful messages of support to Taiwan, Ukraine, Israel and our allies in Asia, such as Japan and Australia especially.”

“Make it clear, now that the U.S. is at a much greater risk than just a few weeks ago, that any attack against the U.S. will be met with the harshest response,” Hoekstra advised.

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