After weeks of not saying anything and dodging questions, Joe Biden finally broke his silence on disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose political future appears in peril due to his nursing home COVID scandal and charges of sexual harassment/assault against him.

Biden, who himself has been accused by several women of inappropriate touching, and of sexual assault by one woman, didnot call for the Democrat governor to resign.  

“I think the investigation is underway and we should see what it brings us,” Biden said when asked if he thought Cuomo should resign during an unscheduled Q & A session from the White House South Lawn on Sunday.

Both U.S. senators from New York, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, have called on the governor to resign, but Cuomo has refused to do so and says the people elected him, not the politicians calling for him resign.  

“Andrew Cuomo doesn’t have the integrity to resign,” said New York Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy. “He will cling onto power at all costs, regardless of how many damning facts are revealed about his corruption, abuse, and incompetence.”

Biden has also been criticized for calling Cuomo the “gold standard” of governors during the pandemic, even though New York had the worst record of any state against COVID, and the governor had made the controversial order that nursing homes had to accept COVID-positive patients, which resulted in a massive outbreak amongst nursing home residents in New York, killing thousands. Cuomo then orchestrated a cover-up of the state’s nursing home COVID data in order to avoid a federal investigation.This is an ongoing story and will be updated periodically.

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10 months ago

Wondering how much longer the US has to tolerate this person.
I’m sure he takes GERATOL just to get his bowels to move ’cause he can’t do ‘anything’ on his
own.. and THIS is who is intended to LEAD America against world powers? LOL
He’s not a leader.. he needs a ‘nursing home’ or a place in Gitmo for his past and Coumo should be
in a cell beside LyinBiden,,
What an embarrassment!