On Monday’s broadcast​ from the Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas stated that President Joe Biden, faced with the choice between keeping his promise to Americans to stay in Afghanistan until they were all out, or keep his promise to the Taliban to have American troops out by August 31, he broke his promise to Americans but honored his promise to the Talban.

On the program here is exactly what Tom Cotton stated, “For the last two weeks, my office, like so many Congressional offices, was focused on trying to get American citizens out of Afghanistan. Joe Biden broke that promise. He promised the Taliban we’d be out by August 31. He promised the Americans in Afghanistan he’d stay to get them out. He kept his promise to the Taliban. He broke his promise to Americans.”

It seemed evident on Tuesday Joe Biden he was pleased with himself for withdrawing the troops, leaving some Americans behind, as well as many Afghan allies that aided our troops for the past 20 years. 

Regardless, of his self-slapping himself on the back for ending the war, I have news for Joe Biden.  The war isn’t over if your enemy is still fighting you.  Whether you or on defense or on offense, if you are doing either of these acts, you are still fighting the war. The war on terrorism will continue, no question.

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David E Gignac
David E Gignac
1 year ago

Would anyone think I was crazy if I said I think that Beijing Biden (and Hunter) are compromised and China is calling the shots? Well I do… I will go one step further and say that if that proves to be the case, The United States will witness its first firing squad since 2010.

Anthony McGaha
Anthony McGaha
1 year ago

Actually the US is bringing back the firing squad death penalty. I believe it was Texas, go figures, that opted to bring it out of retirement.