The record setting pace of ammunition sales and the shortage of availability is not slowing.  In many parts of the country people are camping out as early as 2:00 a.m. in front of area sporting goods stores to buy ammo.  And often, there is a limit of 2 or 3 boxes.

To keep the avid enthusiast supplied with ammo and active at the firing line, it may take these types of measures.  Also, the concern of the new Biden/Harris administration, which has shown interest in limiting purchases in the future, the pleasure of having and enjoying your firearms may require this to make purchases.

 In one situation out west in January, an amazing sight outside a Utah gun store was seen as hundreds line up to buy ammo.  There were 200 or so people waiting in a line before the store opened according to a local TV station.  News had spread that the store was getting a shipment of 5.56 NATO and 223 Remington that day and the result was an early morning crowd wiling to honor a 200-round limit.

Brick and mortar stores don’t hold an exclusive on the crowds.  Many gun shows around the country are reporting long lines and have reported ammunition ranked high on nearly every attendee’s shopping list.  Even online supply is limited and retailers are encouraging enthusiasts to place their names on alert or waiting lists.

Demand is outpacing production and the ability to increase manufacturing capacity isn’t an overnight option, as American Rifleman’s Mark Keefe explained in December. 

“Expanding an ammunition plant isn’t something that can be done easily,” he wrote.  “Not only are such facilities expensive to build and maintain, there are a lot of regulations surrounding the manufacture of ammunition, with zoning and environmental regulations being just a part of it.”

To stay supplied in ammunition keep your options open as well as your eyes and good luck and happy shooting.

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