If you are having trouble binge-watching your favorite show or playing your favorite video game, it is probably due to a widespread outage in the eastern part of the U.S.  

The outage is affecting Amazon Web Services, which provides internet infrastructure to many websites and apps including Amazon’s Ring doorbell, video game League of Legends and Sirius XM satellite radio.

Before noon on the East Coast, Amazon said a programming interface for its Kinesis Data Streams product was “severely impaired,” according to the Amazon Web Services website. 

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Amazon said it was “continuing to work toward a resolution” of the errors that were disrupting cloud software.  Amazon is one of the major providers of cloud-computing services, which have become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic as more employees work from home and more people spend non-work hours at home.

Businesses including Roku, Flickr, Adobe Spark, Autodesk and Shipt warned customers on Twitter that they were having problems. Cloud services offered by Google and Microsoft have also experienced interruptions in recent months.

For additional information you can visit our friends at USA TODAY.

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