President Trump on Tuesday announced a $19 billion coronavirus food assistance program to support farmers and ranchers and “maintain the health of the food supply chain” in the United States amid the coronavirus crisis. The president said the new program would provide $16 billion “directly” to farmers and ranchers.

 “The farmers and ranchers are incredible people,” Trump said during comments at the White House. “I’m proud to stand right by their side in this hour of need.”  He added: “It’s an honor to do it, actually. These are great, great people.”

“As part of this program, $16 billion in direct payments will be made to farmers and ranchers directly,” Trump said, noting that the program is “authorized by the CARES Act,” the coronavirus stimulus package that totaled more than $2 trillion and passed in March.

The president said the payments would “compensate farmers” for losses they have sustained due to COVID-19. The administration is offering the funds to farmers and ranchers producing corn, cotton, soybeans, specialty crops, beef, dairy, pork and more.

The president said that farmers and ranchers can begin signing up for the billions of dollars in assistance by May 26.
“You need to sign up to pick it up, to get the money,” Trump said. “And we’ll start issuing payments within one week of receiving your application.”

The remaining $3 billion in the $19 billion program is being used to purchase products for food lines.

For more information visit our friends at FOX News.

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