Ten people were shot and wounded when two gunmen fired more than 40 shots in the borough of Queens at approximately 10:40 p.m. on Saturday night, according to the New York City Police Department.  

The two men approached a group of people on foot near 37th Avenue near 99th Street and opened fired in a brazen gang-related shooting.  Chief Detective James Essig said three of the victims were known Trinitarios gang members, believed to be the intended targets of the shooting.  Seven other victims were bystanders.  

The masked and hooded queen’s gunmen, who were being trailed by two men on scooters, opened fire at the group in front of a barbershop, who were attending a birthday party for a nearby restaurant owner . The shooters than jumped on the back of the scooters, escaping the scene.

“This is a coordinated, brazen attack, for a lack of a better word,” Essig said.  NYPD Chief of Patrol Juanita Holmes said the suspects knew the area, which is why they wore masks.  The four men involved in the shooting are described as wearing masks and hooded sweatshirts.

“A nearby surveillance camera caught some of the violence,” Essig said. “it’s pretty disturbing.  Two guys just stick their arms out and walked down a very crowded street at night where there’s parties going on, restaurants going on, crowded streets,” Essig added.

The victim’s range in age from 19 to 72, and all were being treated at local hospitals and none of the injuries are currently considered life-threatening.

This barrage of bullets on 37th Avenue near 99th kicked off a bloody night in the city, where 18people were either killed or wounded in seven separate shootings, cops said.

As of Saturday night, 1,056 people have been hit by gunfire this year in 898 incidents — a 12% jump over the 938 people shot the same time last year, officials said.

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john hancock
john hancock
1 year ago

fuck N Y